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Destiny Life Coaching Training

Destiny School of Life Coaching Kenya

Shapping Destiny By Design

Currently resides in: Nairobi, Kenya

Born in Nairobi Kenya

What if in 12 weeks your life could be totally transformed? Through onlineLife Coach training program Destiny Life Coaching can help you achieve your dream of becoming a certified coach! From the comfort of your home/ office, experience the curriculum that is shaping the life coaching industry in Africa.

Business Address

Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Testimonials Destiny Life Coach Training | DESTINY LIFE COACHING SCHOOL
2013 - present

"My life coaching experience with Jeff has not only helped me to achieve goals, but more importantly, it has enabled me to discover who I am, what makes me tick, and what those goals really are. She has the gift of being able to find the hidden treasures that allow me to achieve those goals. My sessions with Jeff are always productive."
--M.D KQ

"I have worked with Jeff for over a year. He is the utmost professional in every way. Jeff is always prompt for appointments, arrives prepared and his manner is such that he elicits excellent results from his clients. I have learnt a great deal from Jeff and he has been a source of inspiration in guiding my career. I always come away from the sessions feeling very positive about both myself and the direction I am traveling in. I strongly recommend Jeff and Destiny Life Coaching to you."
Ms. Jan Grimmer- 2013

Testimonials Destiny Life Coach Training | DESTINY LIFE COACHING SCHOOL
2010 - present

Academia, Education and Training

"Jeff, I again reiterate how wonderful your talk was during this years first year mentorship program. You are indeed a talented speaker. It was a pleasure having you there. I believe you have a wonderful future ahead of you in public speaking and motivation. You are a special human being." - Student Leader, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture

"You have got great wisdom and a wealth of knowledge ... I can't express how I feel today, one of the best moments in my life. Thank you for showing me the way to the truth. You are adding 200% value to my life. You are the best teacher I have ever known and a true guru, just if you never knew!" - Susan, ( director of schools, Kenya coaching client in 2012

"Everything is starting to fall into place and with a purpose. I will find my purpose. Forever thankful (for) helping me to find myself again." - Cathren ( safaricom), coaching client 2010

"(The coaching session) helped me release 'emotional baggage' I carried around for over 5 years! So for me it was life transforming for now & for the future… I also understand I have been the cause of my own pain… Thank you so much!" - Partel, coaching client

"Thank you Jeff for your passion, energy and enthusiasm and sharing all what you did with us on the course. Throughout it, it was very clear that you are living the journey of all the knowledge and practices you imparted to us on the weekend. Going home from the weekend, I really felt the bliss of joy, peace and love. I cannot think of much else that can be a greater gift. I know that I have much to learn in this lifetime, and many stumbling blocks to face. I feel more and more that the fears that normally seem to conquer me, I can conquer." - Kim Kamau, 'Bank manager- Life coaching retreat attendee 2011

"Thank you for reminding me that I am a spiritual being having a human experience." - Fikile M, coaching client

Life Coach Trainer, Mentor, Motivational Speaker | Destiny School of Life Coaching Kenya
2000 - present

This story is about my personal journey to becoming a motivational speaker, motivational writer and a certified life coach, and how it all started to materialize.
Amongst the other things I do and find interesting is reading personal development books, listening to inspiring audio programmes and writing motivational material. Over the years I have built up quite a wealth of knowledge on the subject of motivation and personal development.
So it wasn’t too long before I got to thinking and feeling that I had a real passion to be a motivational speaker and also a writer and that it was something I would like to do more of. I would often talk to people individually or in groups and the feedback I would get from them was good.

I wondered how I could share this knowledge and my personal experiences with more people as well as establish myself as a life coach and a motivational speaker. I love sharing and also got the feeling that a lot of people would really benefit from hearing what I had to say beyond the four walls of the church.
Perhaps you too have something you know a lot about - a hobby, passion or just something you think other people might find valuable. For me it was becoming a life coach, inspirational and motivational speaker and writer, but am sure you have something you really want to do as well.
So give it a try. It may be a lot of work to start with, but so is everything worth having in life. The great part is that once you have done the groundwork the system basically runs on autopilot, with minimal effort on your part. How’s that for great passive income?

Does your group want to grow in personal, business, and financial success? Would you like to introduce your group to biblical studies of how to truly prosper? Then contact me to host a Success Seminar
P.S - If you have more questions about life coaching or want to know exactly how it could work for you, please call me

Contact: 0722992111

Previous Position(s)

Pastor | Nairobi Pentecostal Church
2005 - 2009

Academia, Education and Training

Youth Pastor, initiated the club cool teens church

assistant Chaplain | Pan Africa Chirstian University
2000 - 2005

Academia, Education and Training

Helped in Pioneering the Pan Africa Communality Church.

Youth Pastor | Pastoral Leadership | Pan Africa Christian University
Nairobi, Kenya | 2000 - 2006

Social Development and Community Services

Educational history


Nairobi School, Nairobi, Kenya (1997)


Destiny Life Coaching

2009 - 2012

Life Coaching - Life Coaching Mastery

Pan Africa Christian Universty

2001 - 2004

Ba Theology - Theology/Theological Studies

Destiny Life Coaching

2000 - present

Life Coaching

Nairobi School

1996 - 2000



Curriculum Development | 2010

Accreditation by and affiliation with outside bodies are a great compliment to any school or college. However, we consider that our greatest asset is the quality of our graduates and the continuing contribution they are making to the life coaching and wellness of people everywhere.
Your qualifications will entitle you to work as a life coach and use the letters D.L.C (Dip) after your name).
The very fact that you are reading this site makes you exceptional.
Because you want to fulfil your potential by helping other people improve their lives whilst you take control of your own. And whats more, you’re prepared to take action to make it happen. That makes you very special.
The people who train as coaches at the Destiny School of life coaching are a unique breed! They
love helping people grow and improve, they believe in positive change, they believe that our past doesn’t have to define our future and they want to make a real difference.
If that sounds like you, then our role is to give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to be an exceptional coach, creating powerful results for the people you work with.
Whether you’re looking to start your own private coaching practice or to develop coaching skills for use within your workplace, our Personal Transformation Coaching Programme will give you everything you need.

I hope you find this message useful and, when you’re ready to become a coach, I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Ever feel like your natural abilities and talents to help others by giving advice, guidance and support are being wasted?

Do you feel like your career is heading in the wrong direction or that you’re too smart to be doing whatever it is that you’re doing for a living?

Are you tired of working for someone else and want to build your own business but don’t know where to start?

If you’ve answered yes to any one of these questions and you’re interested in learning about life coach training, then put whatever it is that you’re doing on hold for the next five minutes because what you are about to learn here could change the course of your life forever just as it has already done for countless others.

The fact is that millions of people have felt just like you, at some point in their lives. They knew their lives were headed in the wrong direction. They knew that they were severely under-utilizing their skills and talents. They knew in their hearts that they could be doing something better to serve humanity, while also being able to quit their job and build their own business.
They Chose However, To Take Control Of Their Lives And Destinies By taking the life coaching training and certification.

Shortlist and nomination

Africa Life Coaching Training and Certification | 2010

Everyone deep down desires to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life.Come experience the curriculum that has delivered coaching success to thousands.

Competitive Accomplishments

Leading Life Coaching Center | Destiny School of Life Coaching | 2010

What if in 12 weeks your life could be totally transformed? Through online Life Coach training program Destiny Life Coaching can help you achieve your dream of becoming a certified coach! From the comfort of your home/ office, experience the curriculum that is shaping the life coaching industry in Africa.



Destiny Life Coaching Federation

Director, 2010 - present

Once you are working as a life coach, you can become accredited by the Destiny Life Coach Federation


Exceptional Experience

""I recommend the course to up and coming coaches to gain a fast, comprehensive understanding of coaching as demonstrated through the course outline. The Life Script especially has a powerful effect that will help anyone realize their potential!"
-- Mike Muasya, Nairobi, Kenya
" - 2013

Ubelievably Exceptional Results

""The couse has made me see that it is possible to do what you really want to do and materialize it; that it is not a struggle to achieve your goal in life."
--Joy, Uganda
" - 2010

Fantastic Program

""It's hard to believe that such rich content can be offered and assimilated in just three months! I am taking with me tools that I will use immediately. I am taking with me valuable tools and experience that will benefit my clients and guarantee a successful coaching relationship."
-- K.M., Nairobi
" - 2011

Fantastic Program

""This course and certification was very beneficial to my business because it has proven and well documented methods that will increase my offerings to my clients. I am so excited about a continued relationship and future partnership with the Destiny Life Coaching!"
-- Daniel Kiarie student 2012.
" - 2012

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