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frequently asked questions

Managing Your Profile

  • I have not received the verification email. What now?

    Check your junk mail folder to see if the email message was mistakenly identified as spam. You can resend the verification email or send an email to requesting activation of your account and the Who's Who in Kenya team will assist you. Remember to add our address to your safe sender's list for future communications!

  • I forgot my login information. How can I retrieve it?

    In the event that you have forgotten or misplaced your username you can contact Who's Who in Kenya directly by phone or email and we will assist you. You will be issued with a new username as soon as possible. For forgotten passwords, click on the member sign in link and then click on the 'Forgot your password?’ link. You will be redirected to another page where you will be prompted to enter the email address you registered with. You will then receive an email with a one-time login, allowing you to access your profile and create a new password.
    Tip: Choose a password that you will find easy to remember. Include numbers, capitals and symbols to make your password impossible to crack.

  • Why has my account been restricted?

    If your account has been blocked during the creation of your account, please contact us and one of our site administrators will activate your profile. Your account may also have been restricted due to identified abuse of some sort. The account could be restricted whether the abuse was intentional or unintentional. The restriction is often released after some guidelines are provided by Who's Who in Kenya and acknowledged by the member.

  • I am having a problem uploading my photograph, what are the requirements?

    If you are having a problem uploading your photograph to your Who's Who in Kenya profile, make sure it meets the requirements. The image must be at least 176 x 235 and a JPG file. If you still are having a problem please contact Who's Who in Kenya directly by phone or email and we will assist you as soon as possible.

  • Do I have to display my contact information?

    You can choose whether to display your contact details to the public, or to keep them hidden. We strongly advise that you do not include any personal contact information in your profile unless you want the public to contact you.

  • How do I edit my profile?

    Follow the prompts which appear on your profile page to edit, upload and update the information contained in your professional profile. If you need assistance in updating a particular aspect of your profile, contact us by phone or email and we’ll guide you through the steps.

  • I would like to remove my profile, how do I go about doing this?

    We'd be sad to see you go, but if you would like your profile removed completely from Who's Who in Kenya please contact us directly by telephone. You may also email your request to, along with your username, password and the email address you used to register on the site - this information is for security purposes - and we will delete your profile.

Messaging and Contacting Other Members

  • Which members can I network with?

    Users are able to message members who, like themselves, have created and manage their own profile and have opted in to receive messages and contact requests from other site members. Start by clicking on the 'Add as Contact' link on their profile - once the member has accepted your request, you will be able to message them using the 'Send Message' link on their profile. Who’s Who in Kenya members whose profiles were added by our site administrators typically don't manage their own profiles, and are therefore not contactable through our messaging system.

  • I do/don't want to be contactable or receive messages on my Who's Who in Kenya account. How can I ensure this?

    Log in to your Who's Who in Kenya profile and click on your Account tab. Under the ‘Social Networking Settings’ you can choose to receive messages and receive contact requests from other site members, as well as communication and marketing emails from Who's Who in Kenya. Click on the appropriate ones to activate. Leave blank to de-activate. Emails will be sent to the email address you provided in your account information. Please make sure this email address is the one you're currently using.

  • Who can message me?

    Only once you have confirmed another member as a contact, can they send you a message. You are free to accept and reject contact requests at your discretion.

  • What happens when I message someone?

    When you send a contact a message, your message will appear in their Who's Who in Kenya Inbox and an email notification will be sent to their email address.

  • Are messages private?

    Yes, messages are only visible to the two parties and can only be viewed when logged in to your Who's Who in Kenya account.

  • How do I report a suspicious or abusive message?

    To report a user for a harassing message, please use our feedback form or email us directly at We do not support the sending of spam/unsolicited messages of any kind.

  • Can I attach a file to a message?

    Currently, you cannot attach files to your messages. However, you are free to include links to anything on the Internet.

  • Can I retrieve or unsend a message once it has been sent?

    No, unfortunately sent messages cannot be retrieved or unsent.


  • How do I find profiles on Who's Who in Kenya?

    Profiles can be found by typing a name and surname into the search bar located top right on all Who's Who in Kenya pages. If you would like to send suggestions of noteworthy profiles to be added by our site administrators, please contact us by phone or email and we will invite them to join our site, or create a profile for them. Remember that you are free to invite all your friends and colleagues from your various social networks to join.

  • Who can view my Who's Who profile and how much information can they see?

    Anyone who does an online search for you by name can view your profile. Who's Who in Kenya profiles appear high in search engine rankings. Profiles can also be found by searching within the Who's Who in Kenya site. All details which you have added and allowed to be made visible on your profile can be viewed by the public.

  • Who can see my contact information?

    If you decide not to publish your details, these details will be visible only to yourself and the Who's Who in Kenya team. It is advised that you do not include any personal contact information in your profile unless you want members of the public to contact you. We respect our users’ privacy and would never use or disclose your personal details unless permitted to do so.

  • What are the best practices I can follow to protect my privacy?

    In order to protect your privacy online, we suggest that you publish only those details that you would be comfortable disclosing in the ordinary course of business to your Who's Who in Kenya profile; make use of our display and control settings to manage this. Use a password that only you will know and that will not be easily guessed by others. If you use a public or shared computer, make sure you log out properly when you leave.


  • What is the value of joining Who's Who in Kenya?

    Who’s Who in Kenya empowers you to distinguish yourself by creating an online personal brand, which showcases your professional accomplishments, history and skills amongst other professionals. The platform is an extremely powerful networking and business tool, which allows you to connect, interact and establish meaningful relationships with your chosen network of likeminded professionals. As a registered member on Who’s Who in Kenya, you are able to manage and grow your professional reputation online and see how you rank against others.

  • How much does Who's Who in Kenya membership cost?

    There is no fee for individuals to register and create your profile on Who's Who in Kenya. In the near future, we will be introducing a premium package which will allow personal users to get even more out of their Who’s Who profile. Basic membership will always remain open and free.

  • I have been contacted by Who's Who in Kenya to pay to become a member. Isn't membership free?

    Membership to Who's Who in Kenya is, and will always be, free of charge. There are a number of scams, whereby professionals are tricked into paying membership fees in order to be included in an online directory of sorts. Please send an email to detailing your experience so that we can warn others against these practices.

  • Who uses Who's Who in Kenya?

    Membership is open to all Kenyans, living in or out, or are born in the country, who are over the age of eighteen. The site offering professionals a fantastic platform to build their own biographies, network with other users in their field or industry and effectively manage their online reputation. The site currently boasts many profiles of business minded Kenyans

  • I have received an invitation to join Who's Who in Kenya. What does it mean?

    The invite you have received means that you have been invited or nominated by a trusted friend or colleague who is already registered on the site. Registration is free, and by completing your profile as comprehensively as possible, our Who's Who in Kenya ranking system will allow you to climb the professional ladder online and, ultimately, become a Who's Who of the country.

  • I would like to create or edit a profile on behalf of a client. Can I do this?

    If you have a client who would like to have a profile created on Who's Who in Kenya you can do this on their behalf. We do however need to verify that this is indeed your client and that you have permission to manage a profile on their behalf. Send us an email at or contact us by phone so we can verify your request. Once verified, register your client as a user by clicking on the 'Join now' tab on the homepage. Unverified accounts will be blocked.

  • How do I change my login details if I can't log in?

    If you are unable to log in with your emails address and password, please send us an email to explaining what has happened and we will contact you to verify your information and then grant you access to your profile.

News Articles Published to Profiles

  • How do I add news articles to my profile?

    Articles appearing on a range of Media24 Limited publications and/or websites including, but not limited to, may be linked to profiles where those articles mention the individuals profiled on Who's Who in Kenya. If you have been mentioned or featured in a news article not associated to Media24 or sources monitored by our Content Team, you are welcome to send us the links by email and our site administrators will gladly add them to your profile, provided they were published on validated news platforms. We are currently developing a feature which will allow you to add news articles to your profile yourself, so keep an eye out for this and other new features.

  • How do I remove news articles from my profile?

    In the event any user feels their rights are infringed by articles erroneously or otherwise inappropriately published, linked or associated to their profiles, they must please contact us through this website, by phone or email to bring such an infringement to our attention. Our Content Team will investigate the request and remove the content as soon as possible.

  • What are the best practices I can follow to protect my privacy?

    If you decide not to publish your details, these details will be visible only to yourself and the Who's Who in Kenya team. It is advised that you do not include any personal contact information in your profile unless you want members of the public to contact you. We respect our users’ privacy and would never use or disclose your personal details unless permitted to do so.

Do you have a question that is not on this list? Please contact us!

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