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Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa


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Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa

Nickname: 'Humphrey'

Founder at Dalbit Petroleum

Currently resides in: Nairobi, Kenya

Born in Kenya

Humphrey, as he is known popularly, is a first generation serial entrepreneur who has an eye for spotting the trends way before most of the multi nationals and other ' big boys" do. He will then go right ahead and operationalize the same to its highest scae.

After a short stint as an employee at Central Bank of Kenya, Humphrey started off by importing cars into Kenya and reselling them . This turned out to be a succesful and sustainable business. Post that he started Green corner restaurant which is quoted in President Obama's list of most visited sites in Nairobi. He then proceeded to start a wines business by importing wines from most of the renowned houses ( hence the Company name " Wines of the World) and retailing them in Kenya. Against all odds Humphrey scaled this business and has set a baseline in the industry today which is enviable by all standards!

Humphrey has a strong passion towards creating a large enterprise and providing employment to many deserving persons both in kenya and the wider East africa and the great lakes region. Consequently he started Dalbit Petroleum which today has its operations in Southern Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and DRC. Dalbit today hires more than 3,000 employees directly and through companies she has sub contracted to carry out a number of related services towards providing total energy solutions to her customers.

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Current Position(s)

Founder | Dalbit Petroleum
2009 - present

Dalbit Petroleum specializes in the bulk procurement and distribution of petroleum products in the Eastern, Central and Southern Africa.

Dalbits' vision is to become the total energy solutions provider of choice in the region. Dalbit has partnered with companies specializing in providing engineering works for construction of petroleum storage facilities and alternate power generation.

Dalbit today has its operations in Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and DRC.

Founder | Goodwood Farm, Nyaribo, Kiganjo Nyeri
2002 - present

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Nyaribo farm is a leading Horticultural Farm situated in Nyeri. Humphrey has employed more than 200 people in the farm who follow organic farming practices and export all the produce to Europe.

The proceedings from the exports is ploughed back into the sustenance and development of the 200 odd families.

Founder | Wines of the World
1992 - present

Consumer Goods, Fashion and Retail

Wines of the World is one of the leading importers and distributors of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products in Kenya for over two decades. Wines of the World offers Kenya's growing wine market the best selection of fine wine, International spirits, international beers and non-alcoholic beverages.  

With a proactive approach and understanding the demands of the growing customers, Wines of the world for over the years has been consistently adding new product range to its offerings.

Some of the brands currently being imported into Kenya by Wines of the World are:
- Jack Daniels Whisky
- Bacardi Rum
- Grey Goose Vodka
- Rupert & Rothschild Wines from South Africa
- Tommasi Windes from Italy
- Catena Wines from Argentina
- Taittinger Champagne from France
- Stella Artois Beer
- San Pellegrino fine dining water
- Monster Energy Drink

Educational history


Kagumo High School

1976 - 1978

A - Levels

Nairobi School

1972 - 1976

O - Levels

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