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Ogola Ndolo


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Ogola Ndolo

OGOLA Paul Ndolo

Director at Aptly International Limited

Currently resides in: Nairobi, Kenya

Born in Kisumu Kenya

I am a highly experienced telecoms and energy professional with 7 consolidated years in service at both local and international assignments. Areas of experience include Business Development, project implementation, supervision, projects management, technical leadership, new technology deployment and integration, technical documentation and health, safety and quality assurance.
Currently, I am the Founder and CEO of Riecotel Group an Investment and Engineering firm with registered offices and operate in Kenya and Tanzania; Our Core objective is to provide high quality products & services to clientele in Building, Construction, and Telecoms & Energy Infrastructure Industries. As a CEO I develop company’s portfolios and branches for the group, I initiate new strategies and business areas for the company, which ensures its growth and progress, I also work with management teams on day to day basis on matters related to administration, finance, technical support of the company.
Between August 2011-August 2012 I worked as Ericsson lead 3G IPRAN Consultant in Tanzania-Millicom Africa account; working closely with Account sales team (KAM), customer teams, implementation teams and O&M teams to effectively deliver on customer needs. In a record 6 months we delivered over 300 3G sites distributed in all regions in the United Republic of Tanzania and Zanzibar.
From August 2010 to February 2011 I worked briefly as a Project Manager for Mobiserve Holding handling all their telecom/electrical and civil work projects and successfully delivered 23 Greenfield sites and 156 Swapout sites under very harsh environment. From January 2009 to June 2010 I worked at Ericsson Kenya & Ericsson Rwanda as a Service Engineer (RAN/WCDMA).

I am also a registered member of Institute of and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Registered Graduate Engineer with Engineers Registration Board (ERB) and Registered Engineer (Class A) Telecommunication Personnel with Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK)

Web presence

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Founder & CEO | Riecotel Group
2008 - present

ICT and Telecommunications

#Developing various portfolios and branches for the holding company
#Developing new strategies and business for the company, that ensures the company’s growth and progress.
#Managing the matters related to administration, finance, technical areas of the company
#Acting as a high-level sales person and attracting new clients for the company.
#Setting the goals and objectives for the success or failure of the organization
#Ensuring that the company is making adequate profits and making strategies and campaigns for its continuity.
#Supervising the process of recruiting, training and retaining of the employees.
#Ensure that the standard of a company are maintained and developed.
#Reporting the company’s overall performance to the company’s Board of Directors.
#Looking after the all the employees and whether or not each department is working perfectly.

Previous Position(s)

Consultant 3G/WRAN/RAN Engineer | Ericsson
2011 - 2012

ICT and Telecommunications

Role: Transmission & 3G Engineer:
•Traffic Node/Links upgrade & Configuration for IP Transmission
•Minilink TN Commissioning & Acceptance
•Commissioning, Integration and Acceptance of RBS6101/RBS6201/RBS2116/RBS2116V2/RBS2206/RBS2106/RBS for 2G/3G Network
•RF Optimization Tests using TEMS Cell Planner
•Preparation of Scripts for 3G Nodes i.e. RBS3418, RBS3518, RBS6201, RBS6601
•Subcontractor/ASP Management, Mentorship and Training
•Commissioning & Intergration of 3G nodeB in the UTRAN
•Troubleshooting of Faults both radio and transmission
•Quality assurance of telecom Installation
•Using Ericsson Products like warehouse management, Site Handler, PIwin
•Experience in Moshell for 3G Intergration and Troubleshooting
•Technical Support to various field teams

Consultant: RAN Engineer/Supervisor | Ericsson
2011 - 2011

ICT and Telecommunications

-Site Supervision for 2G, 3G and LTE rollout
-Site Intergration, Commisioning and Acceptance
-Project Implementation Team
-Project Management

Project Manager | Mobiserve Holding
2010 - 2011

ICT and Telecommunications

Project Management at MobiserveHolding K Ltd
- Manage site works i.e. Installation for Radio or Switch, electrical, civil and telecoms related work etc
-Site Implementation from initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure of the project: Currently managing the implementation of 50 2G swap of Nokia Siemens equipment by Huawei equipment & 20 3G site installation for Safaricom and just finished implementation of Huawei OCS Installation in Mombasa switch site and 20 swap sites in Nairobi.
-Planning and budgeting for site rollouts
-Organizing and attending meeting with the customer
-Preparation and tracking of payment certificates(PAC to FAC)
-Subcontractor management: i.e. recruiting, evaluating, approval and supervision of subcontractors/suppliers
-Facilitate materials & resources supply to projects in Uganda, Burundi and Central Africa Republic etc
-Project cost projection and reporting to senior management
-Recruitment and training of technical staff

Engineer-Telecom Project | Mobiserve Holding
2010 - 2010

ICT and Telecommunications

Team leader of site rollout

Service Engineer-RAN, Quality Audit & IE | Ericsson
2009 - 2010

ICT and Telecommunications

1. Project Name: MTN Rwanda
Period: From June 2009 – August 2009
Country: Rwanda
Vendor Equipment: Ericsson
Site Supervisor for:
•2G RBS 2116/2216 Maintenance- DRU Swap
•Site Surveys for 2G and 3G
•2G RF Clean up Supervision
2. Project Name: TELKOM/ORANGE Kenya
Period: From September 2009
Vendor Equipment: Ericsson
Site Supervisor on Access Network:
•Transmission Site Survey(TSS) for 30 3G sites
•Transmission Network Upgrade for 2G to support 3G Traffic for 42 sites
•DCN Configuration for Remote Management of the Transmission Network
•Minilink TN Acceptance Test for 10 Links
•Installation Supervision of Node B i.e. RBS 3548
•OMS 1664 Maintenance
3. Marconi Installation
4. Project Management
5. Quality Audit

Telecoms Engineer/Project Manager | Namoc Electro Services
2008 - 2008

ICT and Telecommunications

-Overall supervision,planning and costing of all deployment works at sites
-Working in close contact with local power company to suppy Main to sites
-Developing BoM and BoQ for all project works both electrical works and telecoms
-Writing progress report of projects and guiding the project according to scheduled time, cost and quality.
-Coordination of various company technical project and keeping portfolio in tandem

Intern Elecrical Engineer | Nippon Koei
Kisumu, Kenya | 2006 - 2007

Building, Construction and Engineering

-Working under Senior Electrical Engineer
-Site Supervisor in charge of elecrical works, installations, test in th construction of 60MW power station in Sondu/Miriu Hydro-Kenya
-Installation, Test & Commissioning of 147 Km Transmission Line
-Design of 11kV, 33kV and 132kV Transmission Line
-Substation(step up and step down station) works coordination.

Educational history


Thurdibuoro Secondary School, Kisumu, Kenya (2000)


Moi University

Eldoret, Kenya | 2002 - 2008

Bachelor of Technology - Electrical & Communication Engineering

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