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Israel Mugisha


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Israel Mugisha

Evangelist Israel Mugisha Lukwago

Nickname: 'mrtrumpet'

Gospel Music Evangelism with added Artistry

Born 13-07-1969 in Kampala Uganda

Music, Singing with a special touch in music. Some new approach in Singing the entertaining Industry since year 2000 when Evangelist Israel Mugisha aka Mr Trumpet introduced a unique way of having fan in and get entertained as you listen to Gods Word this has been welcomed by many High Profiled Audiences allover Eastern African Good countries and beyond. Featured in both The New Vision Ugandan Daily News Paper and Observer News Paper in Uganda The Standard News Paper in Kenya

Contact details

M: +254720255135

Web presence

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Evangelist | Singing Artistry | Gospel Music Evangelism
Nairobi, Kenya | 2000 - present

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Ministering most in Religious Factions and other factions of the same nature

Artist | Professional Music Artistry
1999 - present

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Gospel Music Evangelism

Open only to Gospel Evangelism Campaign and Churches on invitation


media exposure

The New Vision Ugandas Leading Daily News Paper | 2004

By Matthias Mazinga

Israel Mugisha has amazingly introduced a unique skill in the Gospel music scene. The 35-year- old artiste, is thrilling fans with his mouth trumpet, an innovation which has catapulted him to the limelight.

With a skillful manipulation of his vocal chords, Mugisha can produce perfect brass-trumpet sounds in any key. His rich musical background has had a tremendous influence on his musical career.

His parents, Ruth and the late Israel Lukwago, were involved in church choirs for a long time. Their children equally developed a passion for music. They formed a small family choir, which became so popular that it would be hired to perform at functions.

However, Mugisha's magical trumpet was not a family legacy. It was an inspiration from the late Okello, a former head of the Police Brass Band. IsraeI used to admire Okello's musical skills.

The Police Brass Band music used to marvel me and I started imitating trumpet sounds,Mugisha said. Since his childhood days at Ishaka Primary School, Mugisha has been a member of church choir.

When he was a member of Kireka Central Uganda Adventist Church, Mugisha attracted the attention of some Bazungu, who taped him on video.

Mugisha's life has not been a bed of roses though. He faced the toughest experience when his father lost his job at Ishaka Hospital and their family was forced to vacate their mission house.

They began living in Burembo, a remote village in Mbarara. Life was hard. I recall a time when we did without shoes, he recalls. The family only survived on the meagre income from their musical performances.

And because of the poverty, Mugisha could not go beyond Buremba SSS.

In 1998 when Mugisha resorted to music, he did not take his mouth trumpet seriously. IsraeI was ashamed of it. I thought it would make me look childish and stupid, he said.
However, Mugisha's turning point as a mouth trumpeter was in December 2000. While at Lugogo AK Communications Studio under Kampala Central SDA Choir, Mugisha blew his natural trumpet. Amazed by his perfection of the trumpeting, Mugisha's colleagues asked him to blow again.

His mouth trumpet later thrilled politicians, including state minister for primary education, Namirembe Bitamazire, MP Miria Matembe and Entebbe Mayor Stephen Kabuye in a concert at Sheraton Hotel Kampala, where he was accorded a two-minute standing ovation.

In spite of all these, Mugisha continued to lead a miserable life. IsraeI was receiving no penny from the Church. I was lonely. I was no better than a beggar. I once offered my self to slash someone's compound to earn a living, he recalls.

He left his brother Jossy Barigye's Mbuya residence in 2003 and went to Kenya to stay with his friend, Derrick Amayo. For some time, he stayed without a job, but survived on the charity of his friends.

Mugisha's luck came after his moving testimony at Eagles Faith Christian Centre, a Pentecostal Church in Kenya. He thrilled the congregation when he blew his mouth trumpet. The churchs leaders persuaded him to join the church. They promised a house and salary. Pastor George Matthew of the church even offered him money. Dr Wangai, a preacher, convinced him to start a joint-ministry. Today, Dr Wangai preaches and crooner Mugisha sings .

Mugisha has performed alongside renowned choirs at big concerts in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. He has also performed at Nairobi House of Grace and Nairobi Chapel.

Mugisha is now an accomplished Gospel artiste, who survives on his music. He says it is hard to blow mouth trumpet because it may lead to loss of voice. This is why he performs with a bottle of mineral water in hand. His maiden album titled Blessed Assurance is selling like a hot cake in Nairobi.

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