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Nicholas Ocholla


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Nicholas Ocholla

Software Engineer at Intuit

Born in Nairobi Kenya

Technically skilled and accomplished IT Professional working as a Software Engineer, Web Developer and Database Developer.

Contact details

M: 858-682-5622

Web presence

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Software Engineer | Intuit
2012 - present

ICT and Telecommunications

- Software development, interpret and implement wire-frames designs, understanding of usability, user-centered design, accesibility and web standards
- Develop maintain and enhance web productivity applications for Intuit products i.e. TurboTax, Mint, Quickbooks and Quicken.
- Develop maintain and enhance mobile web productivity applications for Intuit products i.e. TurboTax, Mint, Quickbooks and Quicken.
- Develop maintain and enhance native app productivity applications for Intuit products i.e. TurboTax, Mint, Quickbooks and Quicken.
- Rapidly turn mock-ups into HTML, HTML5, CSS2/3, JavaScript and frameworks such as jQuery.
- Troubleshoot and recommend fixes for rendering errors.
- Follow and collaborate on company's style guides.
- Semantic coding techniques and cross browser platform issues.
- Hand coding table-less web layouts using DIV tags.
- Good understanding of debug tools e.g. Firebug, IE developer, Toolbar etc.
- Good understanding of accessibility and W3C guidelines.
- Front End (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON)
- Back End (Java)
- Database (Oracle SQL)
- Native App (Phonegap, Java)

Previous Position(s)

Software Developer | MNC Software Inc.
2011 - 2012

ICT and Telecommunications

• Developing Dynamic Web page for DirecTV using Java, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), JavaScript, HTML, CSS and XML. Servers being used to develop web application include Apache Tomcat, Jetty Webapp. Development tools used include Eclipse integrated with Jetty and Maven as well as Springsource suite tools. 
• Developing Remedy Software for DirecTV.
• Developing MNC Software for DirecTV.
• Managing DirecTV database using Oracle. Database development using Oracle SQL Developer.
• Develop software and software services for Aerospace and broadcasting industries.
• Integrate solutions for commanding, monitoring and controlling automation for satellite fleet operations.

Programmer / Database Manager / Student Engineer | San Diego State University
2008 - 2011

Academia, Education and Training

• Writing scripts, programs and interface for developing applications.
• Assigned the responsibilities of troubleshooting problems with PHP and other web technologies.
• Implementing and hosting of systems on a web server.
• Responsible for modifying and extending open source applications like Wordpress and Drupal.
• Handled the tasks of developing and creating PHP / MYSQL applications as per the specifications.
• Coordinated with team members in developing database structure
• Tested and analyzed programming projects.
• Responsible for PHP backend development for dynamic database driven website.
• Handled the tasks of implementing, preparing, executing and installing support to assure quality system changes.
• Designed, developed, coded, tested and debugged system requirements for the purpose of conversions and development projects.
• Communicated with clients to meet up with their requirements.
• Performed other related tasks under the instructions of a Senior Professor / Programmer.

Engineer / Database Manager | AEI-CASC Engineering, Inc. dba AEI-CASC Consulting
2006 - 2007

Building, Construction and Engineering

• Engineering design
• Responsible for the dealing with the design problems, bug fixing and troubleshooting.
• Responsible for the development, implementation and support of the databases.
• Responsible for the generation of the presentations and graphs by utilizing the data from the clients.

Programmer / Database Manager / Computer Engineer | LG Infocomm Inc.
2003 - 2005

ICT and Telecommunications

• Responsible for the designing the advance SQL queries, procedure, cursor, triggers, scripts.
• Collaborated with the application developers in data modeling systems.
• Created, modified, maintained and optimized SQL server database.
• Maintained the documents and create reports for the business analysts and end-users.
• Responsible for the management of the database performance, backup, replication, capacity and security.
• Responsible for the analyzing and designing of the software development life cycle.
• Studied the requirements and system specifications.
• Understand the current systems, coding and testing.
• Host the system on production server and train the user about the system.
• Responsible for the testing, maintaining, documentation and sales for the clients.
• Responsible for the analyzing SQL server database to determine required data.
• Worked for the implemented reports and report request forms for use on web sites.
• Responsible for the creation of the web sites by using HTML, JavaScript and SQL station.

Educational history


Maseno National School, Maseno, Kenya (1995)


University of California, San Diego

2011 - 2012

M Sc. Engineering - Computer Science & Engineering

San Diego State University-California State University

2008 - 2010

M Sc. Engineering - Civil

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

1997 - 2001

B Sc. Engineering - Computer / Civil

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