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patrick odoyo


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patrick odoyo

Nickname: 'Odiero'

Community Program Coordinator

Born in Migori Kenya

Program Coordinator for Dago Dala Hera Children Center in Kenya ( and I have been involved with community development and running a children center in Dago village for over 8 years. Love and cherish working with communities and volunteers from all over the world.


Develop program outcomes based on knowledge of behavior change and the learning process.
Develops and recommends new or revised program goals and objectives.
Develops and schedules program work plan in accordance with specifications and funding limitations; oversees daily operations and coordinates activities of program; determines priorities.
Coordinates activities of program with inter-related activities of other programs, departments or staff to ensure optimum efficiency and compliance with appropriate policies, procedures and specifications.
Prepares periodic reports, financial statements and records on program activities, progress, status or other special reports for management or outside agencies.
Evaluates program effectiveness to develop improved methods; devises evaluation methodology and implements; analyzes results and recommends and/or takes appropriate action.
Reviews applications or other program documents independently or in conjunction with supervisor to determine acceptance or make decisions pertaining to program.
Recruits program participants, members and volunteers utilizing most appropriate promotional or marketing methods, such as individual letters, brochures or presentations at meetings.
Develops, compiles and writes communications and promotional literature for distribution such as newsletters, brochures or flyers; coordinates process from development through printing and distribution.
Develops and facilitates workshops, meetings or conferences; coordinates logistics, scheduling and participant communications.
Interacts and maintains liaison with volunteers, staff and outside/community agencies in facilitating program objectives.

Web presence

Business Address

Awendo Post Office, Sare, Kenya

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Program Director | Dago Dala Hera Orphanage Center
2004 - present

Dago Dala Hera Orphanage is a non-profit voluntary community organization situated in Western Kenya. The orphanage is currently functioning as a full board for 36 girls and feeds a total of 114 orphans and vulnerable children. Many of our community members and children are either HIV positive or affected by AIDS-related deaths. The community also raises money for school fees so that our children can go to school. We believe education is the key to eradicating poverty in Kenya.

Previous Position(s)

Technician | Automated Office Solutions
2012 - 2012

ICT and Telecommunications

IT Service Department.

Program director- Dago | Alive and Kicking Kenya
2010 - 2011

Consumer Goods, Fashion and Retail

Networking and Marketing | Dago Dala Hera orphanage
2004 - 2011

ICT and Telecommunications

I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from the United States International University in 2009 with a dual concentration in Information Technology and Marketing. I have had a few years of applied experience and a lot of input time as a part-time employee and with my internship to various Computer Businesses in Kenya. Further, I have extensive experience in community and children development as the Program Coordinator for Dago Dala Hera Orphanage in Western Kenya. I believe my education and experience will allow me to bring a unique perspective to the Aventine Corporation.

Educational history


Wild Blue Certification

2011 - 2031

Wild Blue Communication

Hughnet Certification

2011 - 2031

Hughes Net Communication

United States International University

2004 - 2009

B SC - Information Systems and Technology

Computer Pride, Kenya

2001 - 2002

The Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS) - Diploma


Satellite Broadcast and Communications Association

Disney Institute Tailored for Multiband

Leadership to Excellent Service

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