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Quincy Timberlake


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Quincy Timberlake

Quincy Timberlake

Nickname: 'Mr President'

Driver of the engineered commercial revolution

Currently resides in: Nairobi, Kenya

Born in Homa Bay Kenya

With my expertise in business administration, I engage in a common set of functions to meet the organization's goals.
(i)I make decisions in advance in what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and who should do it. It helps me to map the path from where the organization is to where it wants to be. The planning function involves establishing goals and arranging them in a logical order. As an administrator, I engage in both short-range and long-range planning.
(ii)this knowhow involves identifying responsibilities, grouping them into departments or divisions, and specifying organizational relationships.
(iii)I synchronize the elements of the organization and take into account delegation of authority and responsibility and span of control within units.
(iv)I lead Board and the rest in a manner that achieves the goals of the organization. This requires proper allocation of resources and an effective support system. Directing requires exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to motivate people. One of the crucial issues in directing is the correct balance between staff needs and production.
(v) this is a monitoring function that evaluates quality in all areas and detects potential or actual deviations from the organization's plan, ensuring high-quality performance and satisfactory results while maintaining an orderly and problem-free environment. Controlling includes information management, measurement of performance, and institution of corrective actions.

Web presence

Educational history


Monash University

Melbourne, Australia

MEngSc - Mine Systems, Rock Mechanics and Ground Control



Australian Labor Party Volunteer Award | 2013

Australian Water Association Membership Award | 2013

PlaCentocrat Award of Patriotism | 2011

NZZ LLC UAE Award of Excellence | 2012

media exposure

NTV Kenya | 2013

Homeboyz Radio | 2011

Kenya Television Network | 2011

Kenya Broadcasting Corp | 2010

BBC | 2011

South African News | 2013

Politico USA | 2013

Australian Topix | 2013

Diaspora News USA | 2013

New Vision Uganda | 2010

Karisan Radio Media USA | 2012

Baraka FM Kenya | 2011

Radio Citizen Kenya | 2011

Gulf News Dubai | 2012

South African Censorbugbear | 2013

East African Standard Kenya | 2012

Daily Nation Kenya | 2013

CBC Canada | 2013

Queensland Times | 2013

Australian Financial Review | 2013

SBS Australia | 2013



Australian Labor Party


Promote equality, to involve the people of Australia in the decision-making processes of our land, and to liberate the talents and uplift the horizons of the Australian people.

PlaCenta Party of Kenya

President Director-General

The PlaCenta Party of Kenya is a political organisation that was formed to promote and protect individual rights and freedoms set forth in the Kenyan Constitution and to limit the scope of national government authority and spending. In order to return political activity to the local level, the party set out to re-define the limits and boundaries of government. Other fundamental motives for its formation were; to fight the status quo, extra-judicial killings, greed and obsessiveness of members of parliament characterised by huge self-awarded perks.

PlaCenta is a word that comes from a combination of two words - "Pla" for Platinum and "Centa" for Centraliser. In other words, the party is a platinum centraliser of all 42 communities uniting them under one umbrella to fight the government's high handedness and impunity in one voice.

PlaCenta Party of Kenya will participate in upcoming 2017 General Election.

GetUp! Australia

Keeping the Australian Federal Government honest

GetUp is an independent, grass-roots community advocacy organisation which aims to build a more progressive Australia by giving everyday Australians the opportunity to get involved and hold politicians accountable on important issues.

Whether it is sending an email to a member of parliament, engaging with the media, attending an event or helping to get a television ad on the air, GetUp members take targeted, coordinated and strategic action to effect real change.

GetUp does not back any particular party, but aims to build an accountable and progressive Australia - an Australia which values economic fairness, social justice and environmental sustainability at its core.

GetUp is a not-for-profit organisation and relies on small donations to fund its work and in-kind donations from the Australian public. GetUp does not accept donations from political parties or the Government.

Volunteer in UAE (Dubai)

Volunteer Officer, 2012 - 2013

Act as a bridge between any individual, charity or organisation in need of volunteer support and residents in the community who are willing to provide it.
Ensure that all its volunteers & benefactors are valued and treated with dignity and respect, and that their donations are justified and accountable
Do its best to provide the best support possible to those in need and keep its word in delivering everything that they are promised, with passion and enthusiasm
Ensure full transparency & honesty within VIU and its volunteers as well as between VIU and its stakeholders
Encourage social interaction between volunteers to build a friendly environment where active volunteering takes place.

Volunteer in UAE is here to connect you with the charities and non-profit organizations that need you the most. We know first hand that despite good intentions and a strong desire to volunteer, it’s not always easy to find the opportunities. We are here to make giving back as easy as possible for you. We work with several charities to support a variety of different causes and events in your city. So by signing up with us, you get instant information about diverse ways in which you can volunteer, be it through donating a few hours of your time or through a specific skill you have to offer. We value your time and effort and we ensure that the organizations we work with do as well. We are here to represent your interests at all times and help you get the most out of the volunteering experience. We want to help you, help others.

Australian Conservation Foundation


Australia's biodiversity is the nation’s life support system. ACF’s land and forests campaign focuses on protecting our unique and important native forests for future generations, and seeking action to reverse the decline of Australia’s ecosystems, securing their capacity to store carbon pollution.

Our rivers are our lifeblood and our oceans are the third largest and most diverse on Earth. But our rivers and ocean treasures need national protection. We are working to keep the water flowing in our rivers and to protect our oceans’ treasures.

In addition to ACF's efforts to protect Australia’s natural environment, we have a dedicated focus on sustainable solutions for Australia’s built environment. We are working toward both a clean transport future and a national urban policy that sees living cities fit to live in.

Australian Water Association


AWA is independent and not for profit. It plays an essential role in supporting the Australian water sector in the delivery of effective and sustainable water management practices. Our mission is to foster knowledge, understanding and advancement in sustainable water management – its science, practice and policy – through advocacy, collaboration and professional development.

We operate across all Australian States and Territories through an active branch network as well as maintaining extensive international links, including with the International Water Association. AWA’s activities are centred around a comprehensive program of conferences, workshops, publications, industry programs, training courses, networking and b2b opportunities. AWA’s Annual Conference and Exhibition is Australia’s largest water industry event.

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