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Nickname: 'Ted Misinjro'

MD & Group CEO-Strategic Legal Solutions Group Ltd

Currently resides in: Nairobi, Kenya

Born in Kisumu Kenya

I am a passionate and ambitious young lawyer. I thrive on getting it right, thinking outside the box, delivering innovative solutions, and generally taking law practice beyond the traditional litigation and commercial/conveyancing transaction.

I believe in partnerships and the idea that together we have a chance to create something greater, better, than our individual selves could ever realize individually. That if we are passionate about others, we might just as well gather enough friends and well wishers to push our hopes to fruition. I am a policy maker and I have participated in law making process as a legislative drafter.

Together with ten other lawyers, I have established an all-rounded consortium of ten legal/policy consultancy firms (Centre for Legal Research & Policy Development, Centre for Environmental Law & Policy, Taxlex Consulting Group, Cyblaw Consulting Group Limited, Energy Law Consulting Group Limited, Corporate Law & Business Services Consulting, M& A Consulting, Legal Processes Consulting, Lexdoc Solutions, Globalex Consulting Group, Centre for Litigation & ADR Processes and Patrick Teddy & Partners Advocates) specializing in cyber-law, energy law, environmental law - carbon trading and climate change financing , legislative drafting, tax advisories, transactional advisories in IPOs and capital markets, international trade and WTO regime, development of corporate documents such as strategic plan, concept papers, business plans, etc, among a host of other consultancies. See generally and the Company's blog

I hope for an effective reversion of global warming through habitual planting of trees, reduction of usage of plastic materials, and other environmentally friendly approaches to human existence. To achieve these, I founded the non-profit Community Smile International (CSI). I like to meet people, hear new stories, build lasting relationships. I believe in the power of people.

Contact details

O: +254 773 865 798

M: +254 715 310 677

Web presence

Business Address

Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya

Professional details

Current Position(s)

MD & Group CEO | Strategic Legal Solutions Group Limited
Nairobi, Kenya | 2011 - present

Law Practice and Legal Services

CEO | Community Smile International
2011 - present

Law Practice and Legal Services

Community Smile International is an NGO set up in 2011 by a group of young professionals ranging from lawyers, environmental scientists, accountants, anthropologists, doctors, bankers, and others.

It was founded on our realization that poverty is a real concern in Kenya and Africa in general. Poverty is a serious problem that unless addressed holistically (by combatively dealing with all the root causes), has the potentials of shaking the very foundations of nations. The near collapse of the Kenyan nation in late 2007 and early 2008 can squarely be blamed on poverty of the proletariat masses. POVERTY IS THE PARENT OF REVOLUTION AND CRIME.

As Mohandas Gandhi aptly puts it, 'poverty is the worst form of violence.'

CSI is therefore an attempt to combatively deal with poverty to realize a smiling community, a peaceful and prosperous African society. It is a four department NGO with each department dealing with a specific mandate as defined in our mission statement, all contributing to our vision of a Smiling Africa.

As such, the NGO's primary objectives are:

1. Environmental advocacy;
2. Women & children rights advocacy;
3. Women & Youth empowerment through micro-finance; and
4. Health rights and related health issues such as HIV/AIDS.

We invite the participation of everyone willing to contribute to this noble vision of putting a smile and pride in the faces our mothers, brothers, sisters and fathers.

Our Contacts are:


Mobile: +254 715 310 677


© Community Smile International, 2011

Educational history


Kenya School of Law

2010 - 2010

Post Graduate Diploma in Law - Law

Moi University

2005 - 2009

LL.B (Hons) - Bachelor of Laws




MEMBER, 2012 - present


Community Smile International (CSI)

Founder and CEO, 2010 - present

Formulating and implementing in-progress programs on:

1. Environmental law advocacy;
2. Women and children rights advocacy;
3. Empowerment of women and youth for economic and social development;
4. Women Participation in Public Decision Making;
5. Reproductive health and general health social legal issues; and
6. Lead Research on the all legal dimensions of all the dimensions above;
7. Active involvement in policy formulation and undertaking the day-to-day management of the NGO.

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